500W PSU ENOUGH?? GTX 660 ti


Was just wondering if my PSU will be able to handle Asus GTX 660 ti. System Specs:

AMD fx6350 (no overclocking)

8gb RAM DDR3 1333


SilverStone Strider Plus SST-ST50F-P 500w (80plus Bronze)
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    yes, if u r not planning to oc it(both gpu and cpu) to high clocks.
  2. Hello... I feel it would... always depends on how hard/program/video settings your trying to push with it.
  3. Okey, thanks for the quick answers, i might aswell google it, but i love this community for their fast responds :). I think im not going to overclock or play games on ultra, maybe high settings top.
    Your gpu takes just over 12A - they recommend a 450W psu - that takes in account your power supply isn't as good as yours.
    Bottom line - you are fine.
  5. That will PSU will work just fine, even if overclocked.
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