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Can't boot back into Windows on my ASUS Z-87 Deluxe with Hybrid RAID on 6 Intel SATA Ports

December 16, 2013 2:01:11 PM

I have (6) 4TB Drives. I built a RAID-5 Volume with all (6) of the drives, using the (6) Intel SATA Ports. While trying to install a new video card, one of the SATA cables pulled out slightly. When I tried to boot the system (Windows 7 64-Bit), Windows would not start. The Array indicated Degraded. I removed the video card, re-seated the SATA cables and the Array indicated Rebuilding, but it only rebuilds after getting back into Windows. When I try to boot into Windows, it errors indicating that it cannot see a boot disk (RAID Volume).

After the installation, I built a Recovery Disk. When I boot on it, it asks for a SATA Driver to be loaded. I try loading the SATA Driver (same one I used to perform the initial install), but when trying to load it, I am presented with a dozen choices of drivers to choose from. No matter which SATA Driver I choose, I still cannot get access to the RAID Volume.

If anyone has any solutions on how to get access to the Array, I would really appreciate it.

If no one has a solution, (and I hope it doesn't come to this) and I have to delete the existing RAID Volume (lose all my data, 14TB) and start over, what is the best configuration for my ASUS Z-87 Deluxe with Hybrid RAID on 6 Intel SATA Ports?

Because it is a Hybrid RAID, I am thinking Disk 1 (Non Array Member) for the OS, and the other 5 (Array Members) for the RAID-5 Volume (Data/Videos/Movies/etc...).