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How to create two subnets with D-Link 655 and Linksys N150 wireless routers?

December 16, 2013 2:05:32 PM

I need to set up two subnets, one for home devices and another isolated subnet (cannot access first subnet) to connect to the internet for torrents, etc. Current setup: D-Link 655 (Router 1) is connected to the cable modem and is used for home devices and internet. Linksys (Router 2) is connected to the D-Link 655 via the LAN port. I have turned of NAT and disabled DHCP on the Router 2, and when I connect it to Router 1 via a LAN port and do an ipconfig on my laptop connected to Router 2, it shows an IP address on Router 1's subnet ( and not Router 2's subnet ( I tried connecting Router 2 to Router 1's WAN port, but my laptop connected to Router 2 still shows Router 1's subnet. What am I doing wrong? Could someone please give me an example of the proper IP addresses for the D-Link and Linksys routers, and if the Linksys should be connected to the D-Link via the WAN port. BTW, I need for Router 2 to connect to the internet through Router 1, I just want to make sure that both subnets are secure from one another. Thanks so much for your help!