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So today one of our computers used for imaging ran out of storage space. I called the rep for the company, and of course they just quit their program which would have sent out two new 2TB HDD's, so the rep suggested that I look into setting up a NAS.

I read up on it and it sounds like it would be awsome, but I'm not sure we need it given the cost, and I am not sure I have the IT skills to set it up. I am not to fond of storage options, does anyone have any suggestions? I think I need about 6TB and we need something fairly simple to set up, I dont mind opening up the comp and plugging in HDD's, but I am not fond of setting up RAID or anything like that.
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  1. I have a Synology 412+ at home that holds 4 drives. I have 8tb of storage. Setting up RAID is easy, you just need to decide on the level of redundancy. The price of the NAS and the disks is actually very reasonable.
  2. I guess since it's not my money I shouldn't be to worried about cost as long as the boss is willing. I've been browsing Newegg and currently looking at the WD sentinel DX4000, I guess I am mostly worried about setting it up.
  3. I suspect you have bigger issues.
    #1 new business mistake is not having a proper backup strategy for your important files. Tell me, What happens if your harddrives die right now. Are you important files stored somewhere onsite and offsite?
  4. Thats a good question, I wasnt here when the office got started and honestly I think I was branded the IT person because Im young and play lots of computer games.

    I poked around the office and found a computer that is set up to host our network and it does appear to be the destination for our images when we archive everynight. Unfortuneatly the computer that ran out of space is not connected to this machine and on top of that it appears that there is only 2TB on the network computer and 1300gb of that has already been used.
  5. Tell the boss to bring in a 'branded' IT guy, like HP. This wont be cheap but done right the first time it will save lots down the road.

    And its not that we couldn't guide you thru this, its that all problems will fall in your lap and big problems will be blamed on you. It doesnt sound like you want that.
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    Might I suggest a pair of Synology or Qnap NAS devices and just fill them with WD Reds. Put 'Em on different ends of the building and use one as the main server and the other to do a nightly backup.

    I know you said you didn't want RAID, but these devices make it ridiculously easy for anyone with any knowledge or background. If your server is frequently accessed, spend a little more on a NAS with a more powerful CPU and get larger drives set up in a RAID 1, i.e. get 4 X 3TB. Then if one of the drives crashes, everyone can still work and you just swap out the bad drive with a new one. No waiting for restoration from backup.

    You can be more conservative with the backup NAS and I really don't think RAID would be necessary there.

    For roughly $3000-3500 of the boss's money, you have redundant, speedy data access and a crash plan.
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