New video card for the motherboard, cooling fan spins but no signal on the monitor (Nvidia Geforce GT 630)

Ok so I bought myself a new video card, a Nvidia Geforce GT 630 for my ASRock 960GM-VGS3 FX motherboard. I inserted my video card in the PCIe slot, pluged the monitor and the display shows me ,,No signal,, for about 2 seconds and remains blank. When I connect the monitor cable back to the integrated video card (with the new card remaining in the PCIe slot) I get the same result. If I remove the new card from the slot and conect the cable to the integrated video card the pc starts normaly. The fan from the new card spins so I receive power but nothing on the monitor. I tried to select the PCI express as the primary card, no result, I tried disabling the integrated video card, no result, also it doesn't require supplementary power so that isn't the issue. My only left solution is to try it on another pc tomorrow at a computer store, I may have to do a RMA, it haves no reason of not working. Any other solutions? Thank you!
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    The Problem is with your NEW Graphic card....... RMA it
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