Is 600W enough?

So, i bought my psu before my gpu. I ended up having more money at the end to buy a good gpu. i haven't bought it yet.

AMD FX 8320 3.5 ghz
One 2200RPM fan (CPU)
Two NZXT case fans
Cd/DVD optical drive
3.5" 7200RPM HDD
8gb DDR3 - 1600
2 pci expansion cards (usb 3.0 and wireless adapter)
ASUS M5a97 Mobo
Asus 280X 1.07ghz

So do I have to buy a cheaper GPU or is it ok to use. I am going to be gaming and i don't want it to crash. PCPARTPICKER says its 490w, but now that just doesn't seem right. I have a Corsair CX600M 80+ Bronze.
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  1. Yes it's enough.
  2. ya Enough :)
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    Let's see..

    well, a system equipped with
    Processor Intel Core i7-4960X @ 4.2GHz
    MotherboardASRock Fatal1ty X79 Professional
    Disk DrivesSamsung SSD 840 EVO (750GB)
    MemoryG.Skill RipjawZ DDR3-1866 4 x 8GB (9-10-9-26)

    and Radeon R9 280X

    only consume 290-311 watt for total power consumption while gaming..

    and 360-393 watt while stressing with Furmark for total power consumption

    so, your current psu is more than enough to run your system and have plenty headroom for other parts...
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