Are 3.0 Graphics Cards better to have than 2.0 Graphics Cards, if I have a PCI 2.0 slot?

I have this computer

I upgraded to a power supply that has 600 watts; it was really cheap and really good. However, my motherboard only has pci 2.0 slots for graphics cards. I know that the pci 3.0 works on 2.0 slots, but their performance is also limited. I want to get a r9 270, but I want to know whether getting a pci 2.0 graphics card would be better or worse than getting a pci 3.0 graphics card.

Thank You
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    You wont lose almost any performance with a pci 3.0 GPU on a pci 2.0 x16 mobo. Only at pcie 1.0 x16 the performance would be a bit less but still good.
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