Dual Asus GTX 760's in SLI vs. EVGA 780 Classified vs. EVGA 780 FTW vs. Asus 780 ti

I currently am running a non-overclocked i5-4670k, coped with 2 Asus GTX 760's in SLI on stock settings, like the CPU, connected to a dell S2340M. I do not play any FPS games, stricly WoW, Diablo 2 (Oldie but my favorite), League of Legends, and am starting to try new games (FPS may come in the future.)

I just bought the second Asus GTX 760 last night and have not noticed a single up in FPS on WoW, perhaps this is due to the highest population server and server load. There is a log in queue, for those that know: Illidan Horde.

Anyhow, I currently am debating returning the two Gtx 760s and purchasing one of the aformentioned GPUS in the thread topic title as I've read running a single card is always better than two: for noise reduction, heat, power consumption, and also ease of driver installation (usually, some people disagree.) The EVGA 780 Classified and EVGA 780 FTW both have 2304 cuda cores, while the ASUS 780 ti boasts 2880. (The Asus is the only one currently available at my Micro Center and I have 1 day to return)

Your comment is greatly appreciated as I am waiting to drive up there and swap this out or stay content with my two cards. I'd like to hear some diverse and real world opinions (as in you either own, or know someone who owns and have witnessed first hand)

Sorry for the long read, but I try to be as descriptive and thorough as possible when throwing my money around.

Thanks in advanced!
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  1. Honestly if you can afford it I'd go with the 780 ti that way in the future if you need you can buy another for sli when there cheaper. You can't get a better single gpu card then the 780 ti
  2. From what I can remember, WoW isn't incredibly well coded. That being said, it's more CPU intensive than GPU. I'm running a slightly OC'd 4670k, and SLI 780s and run WoW on Ultra in windowed mode with about 120fps. but I haven't really been monitoring my FPS all that much. And I know I would get more in full screen mode.

    But if you are dead set on getting a new GPU, based on performance alone, 780 Ti > SLI 760s > 780.

    I would say get an aftermarket CPU cooler and OC you CPU first.
  3. Best answer i know this answer is late but for anyone else looking for which one to get i suggest the dual 760s
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