Wireless game controller for PC?

My dads building a gaming pc with most of my old parts and ive been wondering what to get him for christmas.

I was thinking a gamepad, ive heard that the ps4 controllers will work wirelessly out of the box? How? That doesnt seem right, is it? Whats the best game controller for him to sit at the couch and play? (ive never used controllers so i dont know)
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    I have a Logitech F710, Amazon 40$, wireless.

    Before I used a PS3 controller (wired/Motioninjoy), couldn't set it up wirelessly, bought F710.

    Greay buy, won't break the bank.

    I meant PS3 controller.
  2. does your motherboard support bluetooth?

    if it does a ps3 controller will work wirelessly with motioninjoy software.

    if not, you are better off getting a logitech gamepad.

    ps4 controller works wireless with pc... similar to how ps3 controller does except its more expensive... and its rather touchy (it likes windows 8.0 or 8.1 not 7 where a driver issue (from a 3rd party vendor mind you) causes a dropped connection).

    another option is of course to use a wireless xbox 360 controller with the pc using a wireless usb adapter
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