Will ANY Steam Machine work as a PC?

Will the Steam OS just be a gaming OS such as the PS4 and Xbox One, or it will be a normal gaming PC?
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  1. its a normal linux based PC. it has all the capabilities that linux has with a steam kind of skin to the steamapp
  2. As dudewitbow said, it's going to be a common Linux distro with some steam modifications and a steam GUI on top of it. Most likely the shell, application repository and other common Linux features will not be accessible without a little bit of modification. I would bet there certain hardware support limitations. At some point, the OS will be downloadable:
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    they're basically PCs though the current exclusive use of Nvidia GPUs would suggest that the OS is optimized for/only supports Nvidia GPUs for the time being. valve's plan is to bring AMD's and even intel's GPU support later on.
  4. Thanks to everyone. I will not download at this moment the Steam OS because if I do, Steam OS will be my only boot option and will delete all my files. But yes, I will sure buy a Steam Machine. But I have a lot of doubts on the Steam controller experience...
  5. To add to what everyone else is saying, you will be able to put Windows on your Steam Machine if you so choose.
  6. note that if you already have windows, steam OS was not designed to replace windows, its designed for living room space and to free up the cost that windows takes to build a computer
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