How would I transfer Windows from an HDD to an SSD?

I am planning on getting a Solid State Drive, sometime in the near future. I currently have windows installed on a 2TB HDD, but I want the speed of an SSD. I just want to know how I would transfer Windows to the SSD, and somehow delete the windows on the HDD, without completely screwing things up.
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  1. The easiest, best, guaranteed way is to simply install fresh on the SSD. Then install your applications where you choose.
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    1) Reduce the used space on the C-Drive to below 70% of the SSD listed capacity as you'll have only about 75 to 80% available after formatting and overprovisioning.

    So move large files like VIDEOS etc to the 2nd partition on your hard drive. STEAM can be moved completely if needed. There are easy instructions (move to 2nd partition of the steam.exe and Steamapps, start steam.exe and it reinstalls.. or something like that).

    2) CLONE (or do a backup then restore)

    a) AHCI needs to be enabled. If IDE is selected then there is a workaround for modifying Windows on the SSD before enabling AHCI in the BIOS.

    b) Boot order can be affected. If required, go into the BIOS and change the SSD to top of the boot order if it doesn't boot.

    Recommended SSD:
    Samsung 840 EVO

    Recommended software:
    a) Acronis True Image Free (for WD or Seagate. Seagate names it differently)
    *Cloning in ATI often doesn't work. A backup/restore does. For example, backup from C-drive to the 2nd partion (probably D or E) of your 2TB drive. Then RESTORE that backup to the SSD. Finally, shutdown the PC, remove the HDD for now and see if it boots. Fix AHCI if needed and Boot Order if needed.

    I tried FOUR different programs and had the best success with the FREE version of this:
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