Black screen unless I clear the Cmos.

Hi, i'm new to Toms hardware and i've recently encountered a problem after I finished building my computer. Everything works perfectly but every time want to start it, I have to clear the cmos with a screwdriver and quickly press the power button. If I don't do that I would get a black screen but all of te hardware would be running. Here are my specs.
PSU Corsair 750w PSU.
FX-6300 Stock (Cooled with a corsair H100)
MSI 970A-G46
GTX 660 Ti
8GB of Patriot Xtreme memory. (1 stick of 8gb)
Like I said, I always have to clear the CMOS before starting or i'll get a black screen. If I have to update my bios, please send me the links for the bios download. Thanks in advanced.
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  2. gokul36 said:

    Would this work if I have Windows 7? I'm about to download the latest bios but will it work for win7?
  3. ya! it will work....
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