Will Removing the Recovery Volume cause problems with System Restore? -

If I remove the Recovery volume (from a Lenovo T420) will I cause problems with future System Restores? I can't find where they're stored...

The computer I just bought has a 30GB SSD which contains the System_DRV at 1.17GB, W7Ult installed on C drive at 23.54GB and a D drive which is the Lenovo Recovery drive at 3.25GB.

Because the Disk is almost completely full, it won't even allow me to do backups. My thought is to remove the Lenovo Recovery partition, freeing up 3.25GB, but where does the system store its System Restore files?
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  1. Get a larger SSD an port the Image onto it and expand the "C:" drive partition.
  2. Sounds like a possibility, if I can figure out how to get the computer to let me do a system image.
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