Intel Core i5-4670K having serious clock speed issues in 3D Mark 11 and in games!

I was going to test my computer with 3D Mark 11 and i began to notice my CPU's MAX clock was shockingly lower than my base clock.

Idle clock:,bCfjnXX#0

Prime 95 Running clock:,bCfjnXX#1

See Red Number Vs Green:

ProcessorIntel Core i5-4670K
Reported stock core clock: 3,400
MHzMaximum turbo core clock: 2,498
MHzPhysical / logical processors: 1 / 4
# of cores: 4
Package: LGA1150
Manufacturing process: 22 nm
TDP: 84 W
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  1. What temps are you running at?
  2. make sure your mb bios is updated and see if the test software is at it newest rev. check that the cpu fan on right and cpu temp is fine..if the cpu runs hot the cpu going to run slower.
  3. My temps after useing Prime 95 were a max temp of 65 C , and would forgetting to update the motherboard bios have such a performance hit on the CPU?
  4. What issues could be ruled to be causing this because a preivous benchmark i did showed 800 Mhz where the Red number is.
  5. You probably don't have an issue.

    Don't rely on 3DMark to accurately report your CPU clock frequency. Here's a better method:

    1) Download and run BOTH Prime95 (to stress your CPU) and CPU-Z (observer CPU frequency under "CPU" section)

    2) With Prime95 NOT running you should see the CPU frequency vary (i.e. 1600MHz to 2700MHz) if you have power management working but with Prime95 on it should jump to your TURBO frequency.
  6. Ok so i did as asked with CPU Z and prime 95.

    Idle clock:,bCfjnXX#0

    Prime 95 Running clock:,bCfjnXX#1
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    I had a similar problem in Unigine Valley the other night. Was playing around overclocking my GTX 770. Got it to 1280MHz and Valley said it was less than 1000MHz. I ended up running GPU-Z and checked the core clock and it it was running at 1280MHz so the benchmark was just lying.

    I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. If you look at the 3D Mark website there's some really high scores with some strangely low clocks so I would just put it down to software.
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