If asus says you cant downgrade, does it mean you cant downgrade?

I just got my laptop in today. I absolutely love the way it looks but I absolutely hate windows 8 so I am planning on reformatting it with windows 7 but here's the problem.

I looked on asus support site and came across this q&a..

"Q: My new machine is preloaded with Windows 8. Can I downgrade it to Windows 7?

A: No,downgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 7 is not an option."

I also checked to see if they had drivers for windows 7 and they didn't. They only have drivers for windows 8.

So is it really impossible for me to downgrade?
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  1. Well if you mean to downgrade to windows 7 then it should be done by backing up your current content and using a windows installation disk, however the lack of drivers may mean some of the functionalityof your new hardwaregone and if there are no drivers for ur grapics chipset then you may have some major problems. However a more suitable option is to make windows 8 look like windows 7 for you which can be done from here; :)
  2. Drivers for laptops are often tweaked by the manufacturer to meet specific power/cooling requirements. Standard drivers from component manufacturers (Marvell/Realtek/AMD/NVidia) are not set up this way and often result in errors/crashing. While you could certainly try it and see if all your components work under Windows 7, my guess would be it's not going to work.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Another option if you don't like the way Windows 8 looks is to try a distro of Linux, you don't need to install drivers on it and it'll run faster and longer (battery life) than Windows. I would suggest Ubuntu 12.04 (since it has long term support) but there are many other distros available
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    I wonder if you can just run a VM of Windows 7. I know, that slows it down a little but... your only other option is to try with a buddy's hard drive to see how it works. Or if you have a way to restore to factory condition, you can use that to "fix" it if Windows 7 doesn't work due to drivers. When I went shopping, I knew I hated Windows 8 so I made sure my laptop was Windows 7 or had Windows 7 drivers.

    Asus may not allow downgrading for a number of reasons:
    1) They just mean it becomes unsupported
    2) They mean there's no drivers for Windows 7
    3) or, they mean they won't do it for you.
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