i5 3330 + ECS H61H2-MV vs FX 6300 + Asrock 970 Pro3?

i want to build PC, but i really confuse with those 2 specification

wich is the best for overall (gaming, multitasking, rendering, etc) between i5 with ECS H61H2-MV or FX6300 with Asrock 970 Pro3?

thanks for all your answer
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  1. r u planing to do "Cross Fire" ??

    do u need USB 3.0? ....yes means.....go with "AsRock 970 Pro3"
  2. i dont have plan to do crossfire atm, or overclock. if i have some budget, maybe i'll do that, but i don't really when

    actually what i really want to know is, will those mobo will make some different performance (for standard use, without OC)?
    will i5 with mobo i mention above better than fx 6300 with asrock 970 pro3??or fx 6300 will be better??
  3. i5 3330 is better than FX 6300

    but the selected MOBO for i5 is not good as asrock 970 pro3
  4. wich is better if i buy i5 3330 with that motherboard, and later i buy a better mobo
    or i buy fx 6300 with asrock 970 pro3 and i OC it latter??

    but maybe i can do it about 1 year later

    is i5 3330 performance so much better than fx 6300, or it's just a little??

    what i do with my PC is gaming (some new game but offline), programming with database (mySql, firebird, etc), a little web developing (like CMS, dreamweaver)
  5. Best answer
    For Gaming,multitasking, rendering, go with "FX 6300 + Asrock 970 Pro3"

    this s pretty much good
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