I need a modem and a router but I don't have too much money to spend, any suggestions please?

I will be getting 15/1 Time Warner Standard Internet in a few weeks. I want to get my own equipment so I won't be renting it from them. I don't know much about routers and modems and I want you guys to help me please.

Well, first of all, the modem. Since I am getting 15/1 I was wondering if getting a DOCSIS 2.0 should be more than enough. The motorola SB5101 costs about $9 used on eBay! or even less if a cheaper one suddenly appears. My other cheap option is the CISCO DPC3010 for around $28 on eBay as well and used.
I would totally go with the CISCO one because it is cheap and it is a DOCSIS 3.0 but the bad news is that even though it works with time warner internet (I have read), it is not supported on the TWC website and therefore I don't know if the guy who will come to my house and install the modem will accept that modem and install it.

I was thinking about just getting the SB5101 for the firt two months in order to save some money and later buy either the SB6121 or the SB6141. But my main question still remains, Would there be much improvement between DOCSIS 2 and DOCSIS 3 knowing that I will be getting only a 15/1 internet speed?

Now the router, here is where I need even more help please! My knowledge about routers is even worse and there are a lot of routers to choose from! I would not like to buy an expensive one if I don't need to.
If it helps, my PS3 will be connected to it via wi-fi and I would like to play online, if possible, without much lag. Besides my PS3, 3 iPhones 4 generation will be connected to it as well during, probably, the whole day. Also, my house is small so I don't think I need much range.

In summary:
1) Would a DOCSIS 2.0 be more than enough if I am getting a 15/1 internet speed?
2) Which is the best router for me given that my speed will be 15/1 and 3 iPhones and my PS3 will be connected to it?

By the way, I have an old 2Wire 2700HG-b router that I used with my old DSL Internet, Would that one work as a router with Time Warner?

Thank you a lot for your time and for reading.
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    you want spend money now on the 3.0 cable modem. the newer modem to get there fast speed uses what called channel bonding. new egg has some n300 wifi for 19.00-39.00 the netgear n300 for 30.00 after rebate is a good unit.
  2. Hi there. Definitely buy DOCSIS 3.0 - it is a noticeable performance upgrade.

    I would recommend Apple wireless routers. While they might cost slightly more going in they are completely worth it -- simple to set up, simple to use, great firmware support and excellent performance. Also, the iphone network management app is very useful, and lets you monitor all the devices on your network, update firmware, etc - all from bed.
  3. Thank you guys, I will try getting a 3.0 modem instead then. "smorizio" that router has very bad reviews are you sure it should be fine if I buy it? "Deadlockedworld" which Apple routers do you recommend? There are many different ones.

    Any more options for routers at $50 or below? thanks again
  4. Guys, as of right now my budget is really really low, as I replied earlier, I'd like to get a cheap router for now and buy a better one in the future. There is a seller at Amazon who says he can lower the price of a Linksys E2500 to $25 including shipping and taxes (it is like new he says). Is this router good for my needs? (HD streaming to iPhones and online multiplayer). I read that the only bad thing about it is that it doesn't have a gigabit ethernet; Is it needed for my needs mentioned earlier?
    Could you give me your opinions please? Also my other option is a Medialink 150 mbps (WAPR150N) for around the same price, What about that one? Is it better than the E2500? I know there is a Medialink 300 model but as I said, my budget is really limited right now and spending $25 or so more is a lot for me at the moment). Thank you, hopefully you guys keep helping me
  5. Likely your best way is to pay the $6/month and rent the modem while you save your money. It is not much different than buying something you plan to throw away. Since they pretty much let you swap it for your own modem at anytime it not like you are stuck paying a rental fee for a year or something.
  6. True, however, I was offered by another Amazon seller (after asking them) a Linksys E3200 for $38 including tax and shipping. I would totally keep that one if I buy it since I read it is very good. I read that it supports the tomato thing (it gives it a better performance or something like that) but the only disadvantages is that it does not support 450Mbps and it has hipcups? but apparently adding and modifying the tomato thing can fix that... Anywany, I don't want to spend another 2 hours googling what is this for or what is that for or if I need, so I will keep asking questions here as long as you guys help me of course.
    Well, do you think this is a good deal? I am willing to buy it, according to the seller he bought it for some months only until he got a new one so he does not need that one anymore but he says it still works but the other one is superior. I am willing to take the risk of a used router if this deal is any good. Could anyone tell me if given that my Internet will be 15/1 then the 450Mbps feature would benefit me a lot or not really? Thanks thanks again!
  7. GOWKratos said:
    Thank you guys, I will try getting a 3.0 modem instead then. "smorizio" that router has very bad reviews are you sure it should be fine if I buy it? "Deadlockedworld" which Apple routers do you recommend? There are many different ones.

    Any more options for routers at $50 or below? thanks again

    Apple really only has one affordable one - the airport express at $99 (sales bring it to $89 sometimes).

    Really I think the calculation is - "how much is 3ish hours of my time worth" (for setup on a cheap one). If its worth less than $60 get the cheaper one. If its worth more get the mac.

    I had a TP Link previously. It performed ok, but anytime it reset it took me 3 hours to get it working right again -- and I was never quite sure if the firewall etc. was working as intended.
  8. There are some good reviews that I found at the following links that had helped me make my decisions to buy both routers and modems:
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