Does this seem like a viable gaming build?

Hey guys,

I plan on building a computer shortly after Christmas and was wondering if this build is good for gaming. I plan on using this exclusively for gaming and potentially some recording in the future. I currently do not have an SSD because I do not care how long my boot times are and I do not care about my loading screens either. Almost every game I play waits on the slowest loading player any ways so it does not matter how much I beat them by.

Thanks for any feedback or suggestions to improve my build!
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  1. Looks pretty good, ought to rock.
    How much more to go with a Haswell cpu and z87 board? Might be worth the extra cost just for a little "future proofing" as 1155 socket is at end-of-life from Intel. The 3579KCPU is going to be strong for years to come, but your upgrade path may be limited.
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    Nice. Couple points:

    1) i5-4670K as recommended. Better CPU for the same price. Can find a similarly priced 1150 motherboard.

    2) GTX780. Awesome card but get the EVGA 967MHz with the ACX cooler instead. It's more powerful for about the same price.

    3) Windows 8.1 64-bit OEM.
    There are several advantages to W8 including security (especially with UEFI motherboards to prevent boot-time infection), future support etc.

    I've been using it for a year and once I added START8 my experience is basically IDENTICAL to W7 except I know there are improvements. In fact, it's the very FIRST version of Windows that I've ran for one year without some annoying issue appearing that I would need to reinstall Windows to get rid of.

    4) No SSD?
    It's not essential, but you may wish to consider an SSD such as the 120GB Samsung 840 EVO. You can install Windows/programs to that and Games, STEAM, Media etc to the 3TB HDD.

    At the very least add an older HDD or periodically attach a USB HDD so you can make a backup IMAGE of your C-drive.

    5) 16GB DDR3
    I was going to recommend 8GB only as it really doesn't matter for gaming, but when I priced at pcpartpicker it was $80 for 8GB or $115 for 16GB of the same memory.

    That's my build modified from yours with the changes I discussed above. Feel free to ignore part or all of it. I also considered a couple different 1150 motherboards and they all had Pros and Cons so you may prefer a different one.

    You MAY be the same guy I just discussed this with but I don't have my link anymore. Anyway, I suggested getting just ONE for now and looking into G-Sync next year for the main screen.
  4. fractal r4....good taste. 780 with a 4670k will own any amd out there. sick of hearing about the new 8 anywho. great build. happy gaming
  5. Thanks guys! and yes photonboy that was me asking about the displays.
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