USB Boot Detected With Old HDD But Not New One! HELP ASAP

I've been gradually building up this new computer setup and the most recent thing I've done is order a new HDD. I've been using a very old Hard Drive for the longest time and the insanely load write-speeds and load times in games was getting very frustrating for me, so I decided to order a new one.

My motherboard is compatible with SATA 6GB so I ordered a 1TB HDD, Western Digital. Model is WD10EZEX.

I only have one SATA cable so I cannot just hook both up to fix this problem. What is my problem? I do not have a disc drive so I created a bootable USB device with Windows 7 on it when I reinstalled Windows on the old HDD a few months ago.

When I boot to the BIOS with the old HDD while the USB device is inserted, the USB device shows up. I go to the boot menu and select to boot the USB device and PRESTO I'm in the Windows 7 installation.

BUT when I hook up the new HDD and have the USB device plugged in, the only item in the boot menu is the HDD. The USB device will not show up. I have tried switching the ports, I have tried rebooting, I have tried booting straight to the HDD. It just says 'No bootable device selected. Reboot or insert bootable device' or something like that. I have tried every single SATA port that is on the motherboard, which are 4 3GB ports and 2 6GB ports.

Then as soon as I switch out the new HDD with the old one, the BIOS is detecting the USB device again. I'm really stumped and INSANELY frustrated. I have the BIOS updated to the latest firmware from the ASUS site.

Motherboard : asus p8z68-v lx
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  1. Hi,
    It sounds like you are doing everything correctly. The proper procedure is to change the USB device to be first in the Boot Order.

    Your BIOS looks pretty simple. If it's not one of the two choices, or in the OVERRIDE I guess you're stuck.

    Update your BIOS if it's not up to date.

    If you can't solve it then you'll have to get another SATA data cable. If you have a DVD drive that has one you can borrow that, or just buy one for $5.
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    It sounds like your OLD hard drive is in an external USB case, and that you can REMOVE the drive?

    If so, why not just attach the OLD drive to the SATA connector, boot, then attach the USB device with the NEW drive in it? You can then CLONE, turn off your PC, swap drives and everything should work.

    Free cloning software:

    I tried THREE other programs that all failed. This worked on the 2nd try (error on the first). It can VERIFY the clone so you know it's good.
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