Got new ssd, want to do clean install of OS, what is the best method to do that?

Recently bought a intel 240g ssd during black friday among other new hardware for my computer and want to completely formot the old hardrive and install windows onto the ssd with a clean install. What is the best method for transfering the OS to the ssd and still have a legitimate copy of windows 7 without buying a new one. Also I still have the product key on the side of the computer if that helps.
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  1. Simply installing on the SSD (while the HDD and other drives excluding the optical drive is disconnected) and go from there.
    If you encounter any issues with using the product key (which I doubt because I'm pretty sure it is tied to your motherboard), contact microsoft support and explain how you are changing the OS location via one drive to another.
    If you don't have a CD, you could probably find an iso file online of your OS and simply download it to a USB drive (after formatting it, there should be instructions online via a simply google search) and boot it from the USB.
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    The best method is probably the only method, put in the installation disk and install windows on your ssd.
    The optimizations come AFTER you've installed your operation system.
    One thing to note before installing windows is to check if the connection is set to AHCI.
    This is done through the OS.
    Here is a link full of very useful articles, and all the ones you will need.
    Your question has already been ask many times, sometimes a simple search for SSD on Tom's forums would have answered your question.
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