2 different brands of Ram at 2 Differnt Sizes of Memory 4gb and a 2gb stick is this setup effecting my performance ?

Is My etup effecting My performance especially gaming and should I Just go ahead and buy a Dual Channel Kit ?
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    I would get rid of the 2gb kit, buy a 4gb stick exactly like the one you have and run it in dual channel, the 8gb setup will help vs the 6gb you're running now, and additionally it will help to be running in dual channel (usually somewhere in the neighborhood of 15~20%)
  2. what is your opinion about Crucial Memory ? I can get 2 sticks of Ram (8gb) for 69.98 is that a good Brand
  3. Depends on the kit, mind linking the kit and I"ll tell you if they are good or not. They make some good kits and some very suspect ones.
  4. and can you explain Ram to me like what is the difference when you see CL9 CL10 Ect...... and also what does it mean when you see PC3-12800 you know Just the Ltters and Numbers after the Ram My motherbard supports DDR3 PC3-12800, DDR3 PC3-10600, DDR3 PC3-14900
  5. Most cpus today actually have the memory controller on them, not on the board so the board speeds are almost a joke anymore. To be 100% honest the Pc12800 and stuff I don't know exactly what they stand for, but I know 12800=1600 MHz memory, 10600 = 1333 MHz, and 14900 = 1866 mhz.

    CL9/10/11 is for cache latency, its basically how long it takes the memory to respond once the CPU tells it to do something. the lower the latency the better (assuming the same speed ram (in MHz) is involved). If you'll tell me what cpu and motherboard you have I can tell you how fast of ram you can likely run.
  6. I have a phenom II x6 clocked at 3.40 Ghz

  7. Note- the PC indicator - here: PC12800 is the theoretical number of MT/s the DRAM can handle per second - roughly equates to MegaBytes per second (and is purely hypothetical as you will never completely fill that amount - DRAM runs to fast)
  8. Okay so you probably want to stick with 1333 MHz memory, that pretty much means there aren't much of a spec difference for you, (CL9) something like that $60 with free shipping would be a good kit.

    If you wanted to pay a bit more for a tad more performance is a good kit (CL7). I really like Gskill but they dont' offer much value @1333 seems they focus on 1600+ mostly.
  9. Nothing wrong with the kit you listed (I missed it first time sorry for double post) but I would buy the one I listed as its cheaper and same specs.
  10. My MOBO only supports up 1333 unless I over clock ram but don't know much about changing timing and stuff I am a Basic over clocker I did my CPU raisng the FSB
  11. Did you raise the FSB or the multiplier? if you rasied the FSB then you likely OCed your ram as well. I would stick with 1333 MHz ram. Either the kit you listed or either of the kits I listed. They should all work and help you out.
  12. maybe yo can help me figure out if it does spport bigger mem sizes if you want here is my Motherboard
  13. it will support 8gb sticks if you choose to go for 16gb instead of 8gb, but most things will not benefit from more than 8gb. I would update the bios if I were going to use 8gb sticks before I installed them.
  14. Thanks for your help very informative
  15. that's what this place is here for.
  16. Supahos said:
    that's what this place is here for.

    Hi, I need some help. Please have a look at my question. :)
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