gtx 650ti + pentium g620 fps in latest games????

gtx 650ti + pentium g620 fps in latest games? like ac4 , ac3,bf3,bf4 on mid-high settings
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  1. 10-20 fps maybe that processor is as bad as they get for intel
  2. I don't think you will get awesome framerates wit hthe g 620 as the cpu even the i3 surpasses it on performance but it should work in your system maybe low to medium details.
  3. i will play on 1366×768 res
  4. If your lucky you may get 30 fps wish you had a better cpu because the gpu card could shine for you.
  5. The G620 is about as powerful as an old Core 2 Duo, but the G620+650 Ti should definitely be fine for your resolution at medium settings or above (depending how CPU intensive the game is)

    AC4 runs horribly so you're most likely going to have to play at lower settings
  6. which brand should i buy zotac or gainward or palit
  7. Whichever is cheaper or has the better cooler, they should all be fine
  8. I heard folks having luck with Gainward but that's some time ago.
  9. bt i heard that zotac gives what u pay for
  10. They should all be fine, at least it's not a no-name Chinese brand :lol:
  11. yah u r right ....if i buy hd7770.It will performs similar to gtx 650ti with my cpu???
  12. Yeah it performs close enough and should save you some cash, especially with the G620
  13. r u sure????
  14. Here, decide if the 650 Ti is worth the price difference
  15. g620 with hd 7770 can play most games @ high settings @720p. In games like crysis3,BF4 you may have to turn settings down to medium. Donot worry to much about cpu unless if you put a high end gpu
  16. what gpu should i buy?
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    I'd stick with the 650 Ti if its price is not much more expensive than the 7770

    In most cases though, the 7770 is the better value for your money
  18. give me one sharp choice which work good with my g620??
  19. They'll both work fine, tell us the prices where you live at least otherwise it'd be a matter of blind guesses

    Overall the 7770 would be a better pairing in terms of price/performance
  20. i want 2 buy it today so plz tell me a good gpu which work good with my g620
  21. What are the prices? fine just get the 7770 which is usually a fair bit cheaper
  22. i live in india. hd 7770 (Rs 8300) and gtx 650ti (Rs 9500) with corsair VS450W psu (Rs 2200)
  23. I'd just go with the 7770 in that case then
  24. for performance???
  25. Depends how important that extra 1200 INR is to you really, the 650 Ti is 10-15% quicker in some games

    If you don't care about the extra cash then the 650 Ti is the more powerful card to get
  26. i will go with hd 7770.good brand of hd 7770 and this psu i s good which i mention above
  27. The VS450 is a decent PSU (not 80+ rated but still not bad), Sapphire and Asus are the better brands of AMD cards followed by Gigabyte and MSI
  28. 1gb is good? ??
  29. 1GB is good enough for your resolution, you'd want a better 2GB card for 1080p and above
  30. thanks
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