SAPPHIRE HD 7950 cannot be detected

My graphics card , for no reason whatsoever suddenly cannot be recognised by my motherboard. I have removing and reinserting the whole card to no avail. Nothing seems to working. I've even tried reinstalling the graphics drivers, but then a different problem arises. I can go through the installation process completely fine. But at the end catalyst tells me that it was completed with certain warnings that occurred during the installation.

This then leads to a blank page at the supposed installation folder, where the graphics driver should be. Please help! I have no clue as to what is happening.
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    Have you tried the card in another computer I'm willing to bet it died
  2. firo40 said:
    Have you tried the card in another computer I'm willing to bet it died

    Is there anyway to confirm that it's dead? Because I have no clue. It sure as hell doesn't look dead. But then again, I still wouldn't know.

    It's unlikely, though. Since I just got it just two months past.
  3. Do the fans spin? Is it detected in device manager?
  4. The fans are spinning, but it isn't detected in the device manager.
  5. Use this to completely remove all graphic drivers, then reinstall catalyst drivers.

    If still no go, there's a good chance your card died. Test it on another system or at a PC repair shop.
  6. If the drivers aren't installing correctly, is it possibly a problem with another piece of my hardware? I'm not entirely certain but it seems like the drivers should at least install correctly even if the graphics card is broken.
  7. It's possible. But that would be guesswork. Get the card checked and make solid progress.
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