Need help planning my new system!

I'm a newbie at building a PC and if I go ahead with this it'll be my first that I've built myself.

The following is a list of parts that I originally planned to use.

I have a few questions for you experts out there:

1. Are there any better replacements I can swap parts out for around the similar price range?

2. Are all parts compatible and of good quality?

3. Regarding the case, I was considering the NZXT H630 instead of the Phantom 530 due to the features it provides but I'm curious as to your standpoint on this choice, considering how close the prices are together.

4. I read somewhere that the 4770k isn't really necessary if all you plan to do is some work here and there and lots of gaming, is that true? I think the 4670k was the choice?

5. I probably don't plan on overclocking soon, or heavily at that (playing it safe) but in the event that I do try, is the supporting hardware good enough to sustain it?

6. I also read somewhere that for RAM, 1866MHz was the golden frequency or something for i7 processors and it provides the best performance? Is it worth it to fork out more for an increased frequency RAM?

7. Is it future proofed? If I want to upgrade in say 5 years or so, will buying another graphics card to run in SLI be good enough, and will the components I have chosen be good enough to support it?

Thanks so much for helping this little newbie out!
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    1) well you should be able to get better memory at lower prices. Gskill ares 2x4GB Cas10 2133Mhz is like $80

    2) everything is compatible and seems to be of good quality

    3) The phantom 530 is a good case, i think you are making a fine choice.

    4) For a mostly gaming machine the i5 4670k is good, the i7 is only needed if you run a 3 or 4 SLI or do things like rendering or video editing.

    5) Yes you should easily be able to overclock things.

    6) As i listed above, you don't even need to fork out more money for it, just need to choose correctly :)
    But yes currently the 1866Mhz seems to be the sweet spot.

    7) Generally graphics card performance goes up so much that in 5 years you'll most likely be buying a completely new graphics card which will more than double the performance of your current one. And at best(or worst) at half the price of your current one...
  2. Would it be worth it to fork out another $100 for the Asus Maximus VI Hero as a mother board, or another $60 for the Gigabyte G1. Sniper Z87 Board?
  3. If they have features that your current board doesn't and you need them. The current one you selected is a solid board.
  4. I would get a non-reference 780 Ti (like to run it cooler and quieter for a similar price as the reference 780 Ti.
  5. That card is $899 in Australia, whereas the ACX cooler is $859 (on EVGAs card) although I couldn't find the ACX version on pcpartpicker
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