Max temp on a R9 270??

i just recently bought the R9 270 oc edition and ive read that the cards temp is usally at 60 to 70c under load and about 30c when over clocked. well i over clocked it and did a stress test with fur mark and it was almost hitting 90c im runnng 2 cards in crossfire mode my case is well ventilated i dont have the cards bunched up they are using the 1 and 3 pcie slot on the mobo so they have more than enough room to breath. i saw an article here on this site but cant find it. they were talking about the thermal paste being an issue. i just bought the cards so i dont wanna void the waranty to redo the paste. any onw what the safe zone for this card is??
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  1. Both cards are hitting those temperatures? What model of R9 270 are you using? 90c is really hot.
  2. well its in crossfire so im not sure if its just the main card or both i have the asus version of it =/ i ment to get the misi one ahh
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    I suggest continue using them and if they burn out you are covered with warranty. Sending them back now might not work because they are in proper working order.
  4. yea i bout em thru new egg i think they give me some time to return em or something
  5. Ah then return them :)
  6. i did the fur mark test again and it stayed at 85 is that still to high??
  7. It's still hot. What should matter more is temperatures while playing games.
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