Is the asus vs247h-p a ips monitor?

Is this monitor ips or just led
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  1. It's just an LED monitor. It has a 2ms response time, which you won't find on any IPS monitor.
  2. So I shouldn't get it? I was going to get it over like a vs229h-p which is ips
  3. Do you want fast response times (LED) or brilliant colors (IPS)?

    I'm using an IPS monitor myself, and the better colors makes it impossible to go back to regular TN/LED.
  4. Best for gaming but I like the multi views of the ips
  5. Then get the IPS, it has better viewing angles and better color consistency when doing so.
  6. How much is it.
  7. You'll have to check the price at a local store. It does not cost the same across all countries and stores.
  8. I will probably still get the led just because it is cheaper. Is there a led that is cheaper and or better for 24"
  9. You might find a cheaper one, but what is cheaper depends on where you buying from.
  10. Any site newegg or amazon.
  11. The VS247H-P is $157.73 at Amazon. There are cheaper monitors available.

    24 inch

    23 inch

    There are more at Amazon and Newegg. It will take me too much trouble and time to search everywhere. You'll have to find them yourself.
  12. So the one I recommended is pretty goog than.
  13. Best answer
    Asus monitors are generally good, although they might cost a bit more for the same thing.

    There are too many variables to compare monitors easily. What is good will depend on your preferences.

    I'll leave it to you to decide.
  14. Just to clear up a few things:

    Almost all monitors are "LED" monitors. This just refers to the backlight. Light shines from this through a filter layer generally called the "LCD" and THAT is what's important.

    Different types of these LCD filters include TFT and IPS and more. All have different characteristics though IPS tends to be more expensive.

    RESPONSE TIME is important so I recommend 5ms or less now.

    In general, you should look at CUSTOMER REVIEWS.

    Things to look for:
    a) 1920x1080
    b) 5ms or less response time
    c) inputs: DVI, DP, VGA or HDMI if needed (usually DVI is most used now)
    d) HDMI with HDCP for BluRay (can have PC on DVI and XBOX on HDMI/HDCP for example)
    e) good customer reviews

    Things to watch out for with customer reviews:
    - light bleeding
    - shadows (uneven backlight)
    - bad pixels

    Also look for Warranties of 2-years or more if possible.
  15. If $170 isn't out of your budget the this is a good monitor for you:

    It's almost the same one you previously picked. It has an IPS panel and the 5ms response is fast enough for gaming.

    I'll link to AMAZON just so you can read the customers comments. Pretty good.

    I was going to link a "professional" review but they said things like "good" but not great. Not only did they say that about practically EVERY monitor that wasn't expensive but they only spent a few minutes with them. Pro reviews have their place but I'd rather look at feedback from many actual customers who've used it for a while.
  16. If I can't get the vs247h-p with the $20 rebate on newegg I will get that one.
  17. After rebate is it $137 on newegg.
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