Recently Purchased PSU and now my computer turns itself on after System shut down.

Hey there, thank you for taking some time to read through my question, I appreciate it.

I just purchased a brand new Seasonic X 850W Gold PSU and now when I Shut Down my computer it automatically turns itself back on. Sometimes after it turns itself on it turns itself off 5-6 seconds later, while sometimes it manages to turn itself on entirely. I'm also experiencing a slow boot, the first loading screen appears 5 seconds while it usually took less than 1 second with my SSD.

I double checked all cables, turned off all sleep/battery saving modes. Replaced it with my old PSU and it worked perfectly, no slow boot times nor nothing.

Perhaps I've already laid down the answer here for myself, but I'm wondering if there could be anything else, aside from the PSU that's causing it. (I assume I'll return it tomorrow)

Don't hesitate to comment, I'm wondering if this is a common symptom of a faulty PSU.

PS: Second post regarding this on Toms, forgot to put tags e.t.c

Thank you for your time, best regards, Fred
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    While seasonic PSU's are regarded as the best in the business, they are not immune to the occasional faulty unit. Seeing as it is new, I would have it RMA'd and not hassle with it and risk voiding its warranty.
  2. I returned it and it was a faulty PSU. When they tested it, it didn't quite turn on automatically, but it did have a slow start up. Reason for that slow start up was, that the computer did a bios reset every time the computer was turned on. We don't know why or what caused this problem, but it happened to my computer and two others at the store, thus the PSU was declared faulty.

    Got refunded and went to another store and put down a order for Seasonic X 1250w Gold PSU. I wasn't going to buy this bad boy, but when you only need to add like 70$ for that jump, I just had to do it. (It's also easier when you feel like you're only paying that 70$ since the rest was invented on the 850w PSU)
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