According to the fall guide for pc gaming

A more powerful cpu is needed for open world games. He specifically mentions arma 3. Now he doesn't say what would be a great cpu for this game.
As dayz stand alone has released on early access ( YAY! ) I'll be buying my machine on January tenth and was going to go with the i7 4770K but but because of this bloody post now I'm unsure lol!
Someone familiar please tell me is the i7 4770K good or should I get a more powerful cpu for the stand alone/open world game?
Thanks in advance.
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    The 4770k is good. All he was saying is that they're fairly CPU intensive, so you can't get away with a cheaper one. The 4770k will be perfect.
  2. I7 4770k will be plenty, I doubt you even need an i7 it might be more value conscious to get an i5 4670k. I doubt (although I am not sure) that the game will take advantage of the hyper threading the i7 has over I5
  3. Thanks ewok you have NO IDEA how happy you made me with that lol. My build is already at $3200 before some deals and I didnt wanna keep spending more and more lol.
  4. You should probably get a less powerful CPU actually. The i7-4770k is overkill, and the extra $100 in my opinion doesn't justify the very minor performance increase. You should actually consider the i5-4670k. It's approximately 6% more efficient than the i5-3570k you can see listed here and is $100 less:

    As you can see, you're probably not going to miss the extra 2 fps. Go for that instead, and use the extra money to put towards a better GPU or an SSD or something.
  5. No problem. Games are starting to use more threads, so I would take the i7 over the i5.
  6. Yea I'm "sort of" future proofing I mean I'm obviously jumping in both feet to pc gaming ( love zombie games lol ) but I know I'll want broadwell next year or I'd of gotten the 4960X I believe it was? ( think that's the best i7? )
    Ps: Deus thank you for that I truly do appreciate it! I'm gonna go i7 for this year. Broadwell next year.
    You guys are so much better then console gamers/forums by the way always excellent help!
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