Will this power supply power my rig?

I'm about to purchase a Silverstone ST50EF PSU which is pretty good, it has dual 12v rails each capable of providing 18 amps each.

My rig will have:

A10 6800K 4.4ghz
4 High Perf 120MM fans
8GBX1 DDR3 G.Skill Ram
ASUS R9 270
1 Samsung 840 Evo SSD
1 2TB WD Black HDD
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  1. Yeah. You can even add a graphics card and your power supply will be good :)
  2. There is a graphics card, the ASUS R9 270 (non-x)
  3. OOPS :P sure you can. You can OC everything. I can guarantee you that you will not be drawing more than 350W of power at any given time.
  4. i am aware which PSU you are using. Its a 500W model.
  5. http://www.extreme.outervision.com/psucalculatorlite.jsp
    power calc shows 410w at 90% TDP. 500 is more than enough
  6. Thanks for all the help but doesn't the rating at that website mean how many watts it'll take from the 12v rails (420w) and if it takes 410w of the 420w wouldn't it be cutting it close, if i'm incorrect I apologize it's just that I don't know much about this and I don't want to have wasted so much money because in my country (New Zealand) everything computer related is 180% the US cost
  7. Lol. Never gonna reach 410W. Im running a 4670k @ 4.6 and a OC'd r9 280x (at 1250 and 1650) with 2 x 8 pin power connectors, and i'm never drawing more than 400W. I do have a XFX Pro Series XXX 850W because i may xfire.
  8. the 410w value assumes a 90% load on your entire system which is not going to happen outside of stress testing. basically such a value tells you what the absolute maximum your system is going to draw so then you can use a psu above that limit. during average use you will be nowhere close to this value however you need to plan for it.

    your psu should be absolutely fine.
  9. IK, i ran unigine heaven and prime95 while watching a movie and my system didn't exceed 400W
  10. OK thanks guys, on an unrelated topic Do you think my A10 6800K will bottleneck the R9 270. I have searched, some people say yes and some people say no but there hasn't been any definitive answer
  11. yes but if you dont plan for it and "do" hit the limit with stress testing... your whole system can shut down under load and thats not a good thing to let happen. that is why we plan for the theretical 100% maximum load (well the value i listed before was 90% but close enough considering the overhead the op has)

    i've hit 420w on my older i7-920 system with a gtx470. it must be way less power efficient since its not even overclocked (it was during crysis.... perhaps that had something to do with it haha). luckily i have a huge psu (i managed to snag a 1000w corsair for the same price as the 750 awhile back)
  12. @roxas

    depends on the game.

    if its a cpu heavy game then maybe. if its a gpu heavy game than not likely.

    personally i dont think its a terrible matchup (though the FX lineup is likely a better choice since there isnt a need for an APU if you have a GPU already). run some tests and see what your cpu and gpu usages are in game.
  13. I can't run the stress test at the moment, the only reason I'm buying a new power supply is because Christmas is coming up and I'm tired of this APU iGPU so I'll be treating myself with an ASUS R9 270 and needed to get a new power supply as my current one will probably not even boot with an R9 270
  14. the r9-270x will be a notable improvement.
  15. Agreed with the above, but make sure you get the 270 not 270x cuz a 270 is basically an underclocked 270x. Just overclock it and you'll be good to go.
  16. I need urgent help guys, I installed the new power supply I bought, did some intense cable managment (I have OCD) and now it looks and perfroms good. But my one major issue is that since I put this power supply in my OS hard drive is making a coil whine high pitched screeching noise for extended duration of time non-stop. I am worried and need any help I can get
  17. Please post that problem in a new thread, thank you.
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