Smallest mini itx case full size powr supply and graphics card

hey all im looking for the smallest mini itx case that will take standard powersupply and full size graphics amd 290 card dual slot. one dvd drive, one hard drive. standard size cooler.
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  3. You should have a look at the guide below. It has some cases listed which may fit your needs but also addresses the fact that "standard power supply" is a pretty awkward term, as is "standard size cooler".
    If you have specifics in mind for both, you can use them to narrow down your search, or I (or something else) can help you do that.
    Building an ITX system. Information and FAQ
    ITX BuildsThere have been an ever increasing number of questions regarding ITX builds, and given my interest in the topic I have been answering quite a lot of them. My aim with this guide is to type less, and hopefully cover more ground. I aim for this... Read More
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    A coolermaster Elite 120 and 130 I think are about as small as you can get that will take standard sized components. Silverstone makes some nice ITX cases, but they tend to require a slim optical drive.
  5. The issue with the Elite 120 and 130 is that depending on your definition of "standard size cooler", they don't.
  6. if you wanted to go with the microATX form factor instead of miniATX you could use something like the EDIT: i meant "cougar" spike mini tower. it accepts standard ps2 (atx sized) power supplies as well as graphic cards up to 330mm long.

    while perhaps not as small as the other contenders it does support a full sized psu, long length gpu, decend sized coolers, multiple drive options AND it has pretty decent cooling considering its small-ish size.
  7. Yes you are limited in height to 65mm, but there are some air coolers out there that meet that requirement and still cool decently. The 130 also can support a Seidon 120 series cooler.
  8. how high is the stock intel haswell cooler, which is what ill be using
  9. the spike case has a max height of 160mm (135mm if you use a fan in the top slot)

    the stock cooler height is somewhere around 50mm. +/- at least as far as i can find info on...
  10. Intel stock cooler is around 50mm high. Any case (more or less) will allow for that.

    One potential word of warning would be that if you do go with a case of the kind of size of something like the Elite 120/130, I'd have some minor misgivings about putting something as hot as an R9 290 in there. The blower cooler will certainly help get rid of some of that, but it's a card that runs a good 15-20degrees or so higher than most other cards and in a confined space that might be a bigger issue.
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