boot block compatible version 004, please do not insert any disc into cd rom if you want to recovery with an usb device bad bi

bad bios recovery boot block compatible version.004
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  1. So whats your question.

    Basically you must of tried to flash the bios, but the bios firmware you got was not right.
    You must of missed the fact that although some boards share a common model number sometimes an extra letter or number model of the board should be used as the exact bios firmware update for the board.

    Since not all the boards use the same bios chip even if it looks like the same model number.

    What it is saying is during the flash since you used the wrong bios firmware file the bios was not flashed correctly or fully.
    So it is telling you in order to recover it you must, place a working known bios firmware version on a usb stick to re flash the bios.

    Because your boot block of the bios is corrupted it cannot access devices like cd or dvd rom drives or hard drives.

    If the board is new then its a fail safe option for a bad flash of the bios.
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