Best psu for my build


i think i need a 850W for my build and i need the best of the best but not heaps of money.

My build is:

Case- cool master Haf X
Motherboard- Asus maximus vi hero
Cpu- i7 4770k (haswell)
Graphics card- Evga gtx780 sc (needs 600W minimum)
optical drive- Asus 24X Dvd burner
HDD- Seagate barracuda 2tb
Ram- G.skill Ripjaws 8gb

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    This one is very good and one of the best according to money\performance ratio.
  2. Are you going SLI? The 280 is a 250W card. Your system draw total will be around 400W with a single 780. Nvidia suggests a 600W PSU to make up for all the cheap/junk PSUs out there that lie about their power output. A good quality 500-600W PSU is more then enough to run that system, and be at <80% of rated output. My Rosewill 450W can power that. (it has dual 6+2pin PCIe plugs.)
  3. Well Do you know if 850W is what i need?
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    Well if you want to be sure, you can use our PSU Calculator:
    It's a bit of work to fill out, but it should do the trick!
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