PSU exploded need help please

So my PSU just exploded and I tryed replaceing it with a 500w shittier one. my original PSU was a xion XON-700p12n

ok so the worse psu thats in now only had a 4 pin to the CPU and my original had 8.

So i Pluged in everything and everything seems to be ok (makes the good one beep post)

But there is no display. So today im gunna take my grahics card to my friends house and see if its the GPU BUT

This backup PSU only has 1 graphics card plug in 6 pin i think and not 2 of them which i think i need cuz its a gtx 570

so im wanting to know which power supply should I replace with my old one that blew up ?

here are my other specs

Mobo: GA-890GPA-UD3H 2.0 Rev
Gpu: gtx 570
Ram: 2x2 4gig Dominator corsair (I think 1333)
Processor: Thuban 1055t
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  1. You will need both plugs, or the GPU won't start.

    The list in my sig is a good reference. Look for ~550W+
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    So wait you had a PS blow up and your first thought was "lets buy a worse one?"

    okay laughter aside I think the other 4 pins power the PCI lanes now so that is why the card isn't working. should be a pretty decent PSU that is cheap.
  3. Yeah, that's a good one.
  4. No i just used the shitty one to test if the computer was ok. Id like to replace it with a better one that I had before. the 750w xion.
  5. also Is that one you said was good have a 8 pin to CPU? I looked but it doesnt really say or it does but im too noob to see it.
  6. from newegg specs.
    1 x 20+4Pin Main Connector
    1 x 4+4Pin ATX12V/EPS12V Connector this one is the EPS 8 pin connector you need.
    1 x 6Pin PCI-E Connector
    1 x 6+2Pin PCI-E Connector
    6 x 4Pin Peripheral Connector
    6 x 5Pin SATA Connector
    1 x 4Pin Floppy Connector
  7. and this will work with my gtx 570? it says 6 pin 6 pin plus 2 so im not sure what the other 2 is for so im assuming i just plug in the 2 6's?

    sorry if im noobness is annoying im just making sure sure

    Thanks for all the help everyone you are all awesome.
  8. yes it is a 6pin with another 2 connected to it (can be removed easily) in case your pci card needed an 8 pin connector.
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