can i play games in 3d

can i play games in 3d on nvidia geforce gt 610
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    go outside. that 3d. And no, gt 610 is like the lowest of the low.
  2. It depends on the game and the settings. For the most part, you'll struggle to play a lot of games as it wasn't really a card meant for gaming. I have a very similar laptop graphics card and I can only play certain 3D games on it, but I can't max out any of these games. I don't play at my max resolution of 1366x768 for modern games (and you shouldn't expect to be able to either), but for some older games I can max my resolution to 1366x768. Depending on the game, I play anywhere from 800x600 to 1366x768. I'll give you a quick few rules of thumb for games you can play with at least decent frame rates:

    - Almost anything on the Source engine (Left 4 Dead, Half Life 2, Garry's Mod, Counter Strike, Team Fortress 2)

    - Most games before or during 2005 (Half-Life 1, Fable: The Lost Chapters, Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Rome: Total War, Red Faction, Red Faction II, Serious Sam (the entire series), Thief, System Shock 2, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Jade Empire, Deus Ex, Final Fantasy VII, Star Wars: Jedi Knight (the entire series), and plenty of others. If you want a lot of classic games you can check out, go to for a lot of great classic 2D and 3D games.

    - Certain modern games at various low settings. I've personally played BioShock with decent frame rates on my laptop, so you should be able to play it at least as capably as my machine does if not better. You might also pull off older Call of Duty games, and I've even seen people play games like Crysis 2 at really low settings with alright frame rates on the GT 610:

    So yes, you should be able to play a lot of 3D games with varying frame rates at different levels of quality, but it's far from an optimal gaming graphics card.
  3. When someone says "in 3d" it means stereoscopic 3d, not 3d games.
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