Is this a good pc build for gaming?

Is this a good pc build for gaming. I want to play games such as BF4 and crysis 3 on very high - ultra.

1. Intel core i7 ivy bridge 3770
2. nvidia geforce gtx 770 2gb
3. 16 gb of ram
4. z77 chipset Motherboard
5. 800w psu
6. 1TB hdd
7. windows 7 64 bit home premium
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  1. yes its good but for 1080p, i would suggest going with 780 if you can find a good deal will be a lot faster than 770
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    Looks like you're good to go :)
    Nice build and I think ultra shouldn't be a problem on any of those games.
  3. I would suggest going into 4th gen cpu/mobo, and getting a "K" series, just incase you want to overclock.
  4. That build is good. But I think 16 gb ram is not really necessary if you wan't to ultra any game (you can upgrade it later ). So instead get 8 gb ram and use that saved money on r9 290 or gtx 780. But if you don't want any less ram.
    Also, see if you can get i5 4670k somewhat cheaper (it sure is) than i7 3770 which will give you considerbly better performance when overclocked in gaming and also you will save some money for better gpu. Although gtx 770 is enough, but just in case you wan't to be more future proof, r9 290 will be good and cheaper option.
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