Help! msi gtx 660 twin frozr iii or asus gtx 660 directcu ii oc?

Please help me decide which card to get, they are roughly the same price but i just dont know which to go for, here are my specs..
Cooler master haf x
msi z77a-g45 gaming motherboard
Intel i5 3570k
Cooler master hyper 212 evo
120 gb samsung evo ssd
1tb caviar black hdd
ocz zt 650 watt modular power supply
Again any help will be great, which has the best cooling etc.. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Both the cards have better cooling options, I would go with ASUS.
  2. Asus GTX 660 DCII OC is better.....u will get better cooling

    I am using Asus DCII OC and its pretty Good :)

    Even when OC......i get Temp around 60 to 65 c
  3. Ok thanks i will go with that then, cheers guys :)
  4. You are welcome.
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