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I have run into one problem. The sims 2 is directx 9.0c compatible, and the laptop we are buying, has directx 11. I have read online that the game won't work without the direct 9.0c.b Is it possible to download it from Microsoft using this link:http://, or is it just not going to work? Thanks again!
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  1. usually the DX is compatable with the ones below it, if its not then you can always get an older version of it and will likely install automatically off the disc. I've not run sims 2 but I did run the original sims on a computer with dx11.1 and win 8 for my niece a few days ago without incident.
  2. it is didn't work, then download and install the 9.0c
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    the disk contains everything you need to run the game. yes your pc has dx11 but it will run the dx9 installer from the disk and update any missing files.
    the real problem is that the game isnt compatible with windows 8 not the direct x version. some have managed to get it to work by setting the game to run in compatibility mode with windows xp sp3 (right click, properties, compatibility, check run in compatibility mode and select windows xp sp3 from the drop down. apply. check run as admin. apply and ok.) double click the icon as normal and the game should run.
    how stable it will be is any 1s guess but reports say it does work.
  4. Oh yes believe me. I know about the windows 8. Have it on my desktop. The game always kept crashing even with every compatibility mode option. And the Sims medieval the other game I want to play, won't even launch on 8. That is why before I do anything when the laptop comes in, I am buying and installing windows 7 pro on it.
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