Windows 8.1 asking for activation key?


My Windows 8.1 PC is asking for an activation key when I have already put it in a few months ago?

I turned on my PC, and it booted up normally, I knew it was activated as the Start screen was changed, but when I went to change my desktop background the PC restarted and now it wants me to activate windows?

Any suggestions on what to do?


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  1. Do you still have the key?

    Try entering it.
  2. Otherwise you can always call Microsoft and do the activation over the phone.
  3. Hi Rayan, i also facing same error, i also try to contact at given contact numbers(where activation code required) but could not connected with.
    if you found please share me at, ""

    advance thanx for anticipation

  4. I got this error as well. I was on the internet checking my email etc. I rebooted my computer and it told me to activate windows. I contacted Microsoft and they told me your product key was invalid. Weird Huh because my laptop cam preinstall windows windows with a licence key number.
    Step 1:
    Try a system restore before the error occured
    Step 2:
    If system restore did not work download this software
    it will find your product key.
    Step 3:
    After finding you windows product key activate over the phone.
    Step 4:
    To activate over the phone go to the search bar and search slui 4 (run as admin) and select your county
    Step 5:
    Follow the instruction on screen
    Ta da activation problem fixed!
    Buy a new key
    Or email me at and I will remotely fix your computer for free. Just mention toms hardware and give the link to the post and I will use ammy to remolty connect to your pc and fix it free of charge.
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