looking for 1080p, w/ hdmi monitor around $100 or less

prefer amazon
$100-$120 or less
good reviews
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  1. goto amazon, filter monitors by 20-22 inch, filter by 1920x1080 resolution, filter by 100-$200, and then look at the few selections they fit that and see if any have HDMI.

    Like your asking for a lot for $100, your choices are very limited, so asking us really isn't going to help. Pick one that actually fits your budget and go for it.
  2. ^+1.

    To OP if you know what you want, then why don't you find it by yourself !
  3. if you said $200 budget, then you might be open to options and reviews, but really for 20+ inch, 1080p, HDMI, $100, there is maybe 1 or 2 that fit those specs, so asking here isn't going to help you decide, your budget determines buy the first one you find that fits.
  4. Again ^+1.
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