Intel Celeron 847 vs AMD E1 1200


I am planning to buy a cheap notebook for studies. Can you tell which processor will be better among the two?
Intel Celeron 847 vs AMD E1 1200

Is there anything I should know about these CPUs before making my decision?

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    intel has a better cpu but weaker graphics, amd has a better graphics integrated and slower cpu.
  2. it depends on what you will use it for and i suspect the amd is slightly cheaper.
  3. AMD solution has a better graphics core so it will perform better with HD video and overall graphics performance.

    Intel will have a slight edge in processing power so if you prefer better graphics, go with AMD, if better CPU power suits you go with intel.
  4. Thanks guys! I believe I won't need graphics as much as processing power. I will use the notebook for Word/Powerpoint/Email/Browsing and an occasional movie. I guess the Intel is a better option for me.

    I have these two notebooks in mind. The first is a 10 inch netbook.

    Due to an ongoing offer, the Intel option is cheaper for now(It is however just 10 inch).

    Just out of curiosity, would you happen to know how is AMD Brazos Dual Core C70 (1.0GHz) Processor in comparison with the two above? Thank you once again for your help.
  5. you never said one is 15" and one 10". get the 15" unless your hands are really small you're gonna appreciate the bigger kb and the bigger display will do better for movies.

    the brazos is a lower power version of the e series. even lower performance but more battery life
  6. I figured that I will manage on the 10" notebook. I have never used 10" notebooks. Is it that bad?
    Don't ultrabooks have 11" keyboards too?
  7. best would be to go to a pc shop and check both variants. i personally couldn't use a 10" notebook/laptop
  8. One more reason I am attracted to the 10 incher is the portability it offers at the low price. I guess a visit to the shop will be the best think to do and make my decision easier.

    Thank you for your nice and prompt answers.
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