can i play batman arkham origins and injustice on a8 4500m 7640g on medium to high because thats what game debate said

I need help; can i play batman arkham origins and injustice on a8 4500m 7640g on medium to high settings because thats what game debate said
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  1. Which resolution? at 1080, I bet only at low.
  2. 1366x768
  3. Ah, at 768, it might run at medium. But high, I doubt bro. It's a very demanding game. Maybe high, but hbao, and aa are all off, and blurring off. Only details at high.
  4. will it be ok to play then
  5. is game debate reliable by the way coz they said it both games will work on medium to high settings and if they work ok on intel hd 4000 then it should easily work on a8 4500m shouldn't it?
  6. Yes of course it will be ok to play. And if it won't play at medium settings, just tweak some settings there, you'll be fine. AMD's APUs are really good for budget gaming. It will run all games, specially if you have fast rams.
  7. i have a 6gb ram
  8. What's the latency? 1866mhz? Because that's the sweet spot for gaming with an APU.
  9. i dont know and another thing if i can play skyrim v at high/ultra settings can i play these 2 games
  10. Yes you can play those 2 games FOR SURE, but I'm not sure if you can play it at high or ultra settings bro. You just have to wait and try.
  11. so definitely at medium settings then i'm ok with that
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    Yea. Just go try it. If the framerate hurts your eyes already, then tweak it and tone down some settings. Also make sure physx is off.
  13. thank u so much u have stopped me from stressing so much
  14. Sure. I know that feeling, I had an amd a10 5800k before I had my 780. lol Just check youtube for gameplay for your reference in the future.
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