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Will this bug be able to be fixed or at least prevented through some software or drivers upgrade too or it´s just a hardware issue? maybe usb3 device manufactures can upgrade their drivers to be haswel compatible? It just seems too simple not to be solved through software or something not requiring a whole hardware shift

Does this bug affect all usb3 devices or only small flashdrives?

If I´m working for instance on a file in a usb3 device and I didn´t save it, the data will be lost if it goes to sleep mode?

Haswell is on the market for several months now, did anybody experienced this bug?

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  1. Odd, I only just heard about this and tracked down the Facebook post that said it. Here's the quote:

    "I'm on Haswell, but I regret it, aside from the O/C potential and the fact I now have a tidy wee mITX case, the devices I have on USB 3.0 don't function properly, Intel released a fix for it, but it's only dealing with 3.0 USB HDD's not other high bandwidth devices like my BMI Shuttle"

    So is there a potential fix from intel on their site? Also it seems like it effects all devices.
  2. I hope they´ll find a solution for those who already have the defective units
  3. I thought that was only for the stuff that was sold around the time of release, and that what is sold more recently has been fixed. At least that is what some quick google searching told me, maybe I'm thinking of something different.

    So unless you bought your cpu right around when the generation came out I think you might alright.

    *If you do have this issue, then maybe call Intel and talk to them about it? The cpu does come with a warranty, and while I don't know if this issue falls under it, you might be able to work something out if you at least ask.
  4. I don´t think that what is sold recently is fixed, the only fix for this seems to be a so called C2 stepping which has not come to most of the market yet, I bought it a week ago and I don´t think i have this stepping. Unfortunately I´m not in the US and my vendor which purchased the chip there gives me only 6 months warranty, but I really think this is a too simple issue not to be solved with some software update or manufacturing change for those usb3 devices
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    You could always try calling intel if you want to go through that, they probably know best
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