How do I add a wireless antenna to my laptop?

So I am getting a new wireless card, but it needs three antennas, and my computer only has two. I got another antenna, but where should i put it to get a good signal?
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  1. What do you mean 'a new wireless card'?
  2. USAFRet said:
    What do you mean 'a new wireless card'?

    One of these
  3. If you are replacing the factory-installed wireless card, usually a third antenna will already be installed if an optional card from the factory was available and supported 3 antennas. If there wasn't one, most antennas are preinstalled in the display, and that would probably be the best location.

    If you are using a USB adapter or PC Card/ExpressCard, those usually have antennas built-in, and use those instead of the laptop's antennas.

    What laptop are you working on?

  4. Unless the laptop already supports 3 antennas, I'm not sure that can be done without some creative use of a Dremel.
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    Yeah, it would take some work. I do know that on a Dell Latitude D-series, the antennas are attached to the side of the LCD panel with screws.

    That being said, the card should work with only two antennas connected. However, that will cut down on the maximum supported speed of the card, since each antenna (and radio attached to it) allows for a connection up to 150 Mbps. Without the third antenna, the maximum speed the card will connect at is 300 Mbps (150 Mbps for each connected radio).

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