does having more than one 12v rail on a ps, help for non sli users

im building a pc in march and was wondering where my dollar should be spent, besides wattage depending on my graphics card, I see power supplies with more that one 12v rail and ones that are certified bronze silver, gold etc.

My question is since im only having one dvd, one hd, no ssds, one high end graphics card (290). does having more than one 12v rail help me at all.

so if my choice was a 750watt gold rated single rail ps. or a 750 watt bronze rated 4 rail ps which would serve me best
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    multiple rails help with stability in power, more importantly helps the manufacturer reach a higher wattage with cheaper parts.

    since you are using a 290, a card the need alot of juice, it would be wise to purchase a psu with one rail. and of course, gold is better than bronze.

    although if you are using just one gpu, 750 is a bit overkill. you can get away with a quality 620 or 650 watt unit.
  2. It depends more on the make and model than the rating. For instance Raidmax makes a gold rated PSU that is garbage. Whats the makes and models of the power supplies you are looking at?
    its gold, its modular, its 7 year warranty which is nice, and its one rail. and on sale

    but im thinking ill get whatevers on sale in march, pfc active 700 watts or better, modular or semi, with at least a 5 year warranty that's single rail
  4. If it is a quality power supply, having more than one rail is a hindrance manufacturers use to save money. It is not a feature or a benefit (despite what their marketing departments may have you believe).
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