Building a Pc for 700-825$ | Should i change something?






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I wanted to know if i should buy another Cpu and Another Gpu. Because i've seen on this Forum people saying that the 6000 black edition is better than 8150 and about Gpu i just dont know which one shud i choose (i will be playing League of legends and some Steam Games and maybe World of Warcraft, i would like to play them on high if possible :/ ). the memory is 1 of 4gb because soon i will be buying another memory.

And the store that im buying is so if someone reply's note that the prices there might be different and their are also in €. so its about a 600€ pc.
sorry about my english :P.
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    Dear god yes.

    The Bulldozer line of CPUs (x1xx) are utter garbage. You would be better off with a 6300, or a 8320.

    Look into getting a better PSU, namely a XFX 550W.

    A better GPU would likely be a 660 Ti or a 7870/270x for your needs.

    And if it's possible, I would get 2x4GB sticks of RAM off the bat, it's not good to mix RAM modules; even if they are the same model. They are paired for a reason.
  2. Supports Long VGA Cards up to 350mm < Yes it will fit , in your case.
  3. and btw the setup that i have is it good to run games like LoL and WoW at high/medium settings? and if so how many fps would i get ?
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