1GB Video Card vs. 2GB Video Card

I was looking at an upgrade for a GPU but am on a tighter budget.

I found this Card

The 1GB card is about $30 cheaper.

Is there a huge difference on running 1gb vs 2gb?

I play on a 1080p Monitor, and I may run Battlefield 4, the card should play it at Medium settings.

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  1. 2Gb, more graphic details...
  2. It depends, what memory type you are looking at, as 1GB of DDR5 is better than 2GB of DDR3. If they are both the same version, so 2 vs 1 gb of ddr5, get the 2.
  3. The 2 GB of vram is worth it imo. I see vram useage on my 7870 above 1 gb fairly often in a broad spectrum of games. Not a lot above 1 gb, but still.
    For $30 that is a good deal, and will keep you happier with the card a lot longer.
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    a 7790 will not fully utilize that 2gb as games that are demanding like BF4 will require more graphics horsepower as opposed to vram density. there're instances though that some games do benefit from extra vram.

    the beauty of pc gaming is that you can optimize your detail settings to hit the sweet spot to make that cheaper 1GB work for you.
  5. for anything under 1920x1080p i would recommend 1gb
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