looking for a great video card under 350 dollars and if i should run one or two? thank you

ok so im building my own pc under 2000 dollars i already no most of the parts i want and am trying to find a graphics card a very good one but i want to spend less then 350 dollars on the graphics also i want to know if i need two or one graphics cards. oh and is it sufficient to have a case that already has a cooling fan or should i buy a cooling fan on top of that. thank you very much if you answer.
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  1. Do you have a certain preference as far as AMD or Nvidia? Also, what power supply are you using on your build, so we have an idea of what to shoot for?

    Most people will recommend running one more powerful card over multiple weaker ones. There are some quality issues with Crossfire/SLI that just don't exist on single cards.

    I personally prefer to add cooling fans to a case instead of relying on just the one that comes with it. Can't go wrong with more airflow.

  2. to tell you the truth i dont know alot about them i know that nvidia and msi and amd are very popular and great but if you have some affordable suggestions that would be great thanks
  3. AMD prices have skyrocketed so I shall suggest the GTX 770 or 760
  4. i am planning on using
    i7 processor
    16gb corsair vengeance ram
    a corsair 650d case
    seagate barracuda 2tb hardrive
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    gtx 770 should work good for you then. Pick as the solution if this helped. GTX 770 is better then the 760 and like I said AMDs have gotten way more pricey since bit coin and lite coin.
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