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Hi. I wasn't sure were to post this so I'm sorry if it is the wrong section.
I am having some problems with my Windows XP currently. For some reason the date keeps changing to the future automatically.
For example, a few days ago it said it was the 25th day of December which isn't true as far as I know, and then it changed to 22, 23 and stuff. I've also had some weird stuff going on with the desktop but that might be me. Do I have malware or anything?
Maybe it could be the CMOS battery but I don't think it changes to a future date, only past. Thoughts?

This is rather annoying as I don't check dates very often and sometimes programs get glitchy because of this.
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    I think you hit the nail on the head. Run a virus/malware scan. If it comes up clean, replace the cmos battery on the motherboard.
  2. I ran a quick scan with MalwareBytes Free just to see if it would find something and it found Somoto and OpenCandy.
    I'm not sure if those change the date (and resolution, seeing that it changed mine automatically once) but I'm going to remove them anyway.
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