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Hey everyone! I recently finished a clean install on my Windows 7 system and all is doing well it seems. I happened to randomly check the device manager though and under the drop down for Other Devices, there are a ton of listed items marked yellow and each one shows "The drivers for this device are not installed." There are 42 Base System Device ones, PCI Device, PCI Simple Communications Controller, 4 Performance Counters, SM Bus Controller, System Interrupt Controller, and 3 Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controllers. I was just wondering how I go about getting the drivers for all of these so they will no longer be flagged. My PC is a custom built one I built about a year ago - Asus Sabertooth X79 Motherboard, i7 3930k, 16gb Corsair 1600mhz, Samsung 840 Pro SSD, WD Black 500GB. I hope you guys can help me out with this!

Edit: I have narrowed down the missing drivers to PCI Device and PCI Simple Communications Controller. All the others have been taken care of.
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  1. Run the disk that came with the motherboard . All the relevant drivers should be on that
  2. That took care of the PCI Simple Communications Controller but PCI Device is still there. It is the only one left.
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    Ought to check at your mobos web site - chances are most all the drivers that were on that disk were already out of date
  4. I checked the Asus website but the only things on there I have already installed so I don't know whats up with this driver.
  5. Right click on the entry and get windows to look online for a driver
  6. Figured it out. It was my Avermedia Live Gamer HD capture card device driver and firmware that needed to be upgraded. Everything is good to go now!
  7. Glad to hear all is well ! :) now have some fun!
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