Should I try power line? Wireless is failing, need help.

Hey guys! I currently have a 54mbs connection with Comcast which is wireless. That's great however, when I try to play an online game (Dota 2, LoL, GW2) the game ALWAYS lags out. I know its on my end b/c it happens to every online game I play. This is very frustrating as I cant play half the games I own. My ping will be fine at the start and then it just starts skyrocketing about 2-5 mins into the game, forcing me to quit. There is no chance for me to go wireless unless I move my computer setup across the whole room to the router (which is around 20-30 feet or so) My only other choice is power line. Do you guys think this would help or would I just be wasting time? Thanks a bunch!
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    What is the service plan from Comcast? "54Mbps" would seem to be the WiFi speed between your PC and the router.

    A Cat5 cable would be the best choice. I don't know the specifics of your room, but a cable run along the walls could be pretty invisible.
  2. Thanks you!
  3. I run Trentnet powerline's in my entire house.[adding two more for new equipment] One initial pl plus from the Modem into the electrial plug by the modem and then repeated pl plugs where I need it.I even put a Trendnet wireless repeater for occasional use when family comes [they can hook up their phones]. I use the 200bps models but they have up to 500 bps. I see other forums about that here.
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